At the pace you’re going, something’s gotta give. You’re just afraid it might be you.

For so long you’ve had ambition and drive unmatched by those around you. You’ve worked hard and put in the extra time and effort to be as accomplished as you are. You’re exceptional at what you do. You’re the go-to person for answers. You’re the one tapped to lead your company’s critical initiatives. You get so much done—quality and quantity on time, every time. People ask you, “How do you do it all?”

But lately, you haven’t been ‘feeling it.’
Your desire for running and gunning at your usual pace is fading fast.

You know the present situationalways being on and constantly hustlingisn’t sustainable. Day after day, week after week of being worried, stressed and exhausted is taking its toll on your productivity, relationships and overall well-being. You so desperately want the time and space to rest and regroup and get back on track (and maybe even decide what track you want to be on). 

We See You

You’re an ambitious, energetic high-achiever! You believe in living life fully. Whatever you do, you do it with passion. But that signature flame that’s made you such a standout is starting to flicker. The career and lifestyle you worked so hard to achieve don’t feel as fulfilling as you imagined they would or they once did. You fear you’re missing out on something more meaningful and enjoyable. You worry that one day you’ll look back and regret having given so much to work that didn’t bring purpose and joy to your life.


What if we told you it doesn’t have to be this way? You can have a fulfilling, life-giving career and a rich and joyful personal life. You can harness all your greatness to unlock new potential to thrive in ways you can’t believe are possible.  


You could have so more time and energy than you thought possible. Your work days could be highly productive and less stressful. Imagine working less and yet your performance is the best it’s been in years. You unplug when you leave the office each day, opening your evenings for doing what’s important to you—hitting the gym, making your daughter’s soccer game, preparing a healthy dinner, reading the book on your shelf that’s been patiently awaiting your attention.

Your work-free weekends are filled with family fun you now have the energy to enjoy, hobbies put on the back burner because you were bogged down with work, and reconnecting with friends and with making new memories you’ll cherish for your lifetime. You have the light and vibrancy of someone who’s living fully and with purpose. 

A Real Solution

The SHEThrives Master Program teaches high-achieving women, thrive in fulfilling careers without having to sacrifice their personal joy. Through individualized, one-to-one executive coaching, clients learn how to reclaim and redefine their lives. The program is designed to reduce stress, restore balance and boost joy in the shortest time possible. We designed the SHEThrives Master Program to fast-track high-achieving women, like you, from where they are today to a freer, more fulfilling and joyful life. We teach women how to have to an equally meaningful career and personal life, without sacrificing either.

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We Are Called to Do This Work

After experiencing burnout first-hand during a high point in our careers, it became our mission to help other high-achieving, professional women we saw struggling with overwhelm, frustration and dissatisfaction.


e’re trained pastoral counselors, which means that we work at the intersection of psychology, counseling and spirituality. We meet our clients where they are with love and compassion and a belief in their life’s infinite possibilities. We value and honor their truth and dreams.

We know that time is non-existent for busy women like you so we’ve pulled together all the resources, knowledge and wisdom we wish we had when we were going through this pivotal time in our own lives and organized it to give our clients the best possible outcomes in the least amount of time.

We also know the most beneficial guidance and encouragement needed during this life transition are rarely provided in the workplace, by family or friends. Moreover, weeks, months and possibly even years that could be spent feeling vibrant and leading a deeply rich and meaningful and healthy life are wasted being stuck, looking for answers and trying to navigate a way out.

In hindsight, burnout can be a blessing.
The quality of life post-burnout can far exceed that of pre-burnout.
It’s a matter of getting through the darkness to the good life, and the sooner, the better. 

Turn Your Full Life into a Fulfilling Life

W e understand what it’s like to have been driving hard to be on top of our game only to reach a point where the life you created—although abundant in many ways—is no longer gratifying and representative of what you want for yourselves and the precious time you have on Earth. The life that was once meaningfully rich is starting to burst at the seams. What you used to be passionate and excited about, now feels like another burden too many.

It doesn’t have to be like this. There is a better way.
Let’s bring you some relief and start the transformation. 
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Get back to the good life


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